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New SunPass and E-ZPass Summer Regulations

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Florida’s new transponder, the SunPass PRO, part of the E-ZPass toll system used in 16 states across the east coast and midwest, will now allow Florida drivers to use one device to process tolls. E-ZPass customers in other states will also be permitted to use transponders throughout Florida.

Before May 2021, SunPass was only to be used in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina but can now be used for any driver in the system – across Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Main, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, Indiana, Rhode Island, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. Minnesota will be the newest addition later this year.

However, this only applies to the SunPass Pro, not the Mini, which only applies to Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. No matter which transponder you purchase, ensure you only have one per vehicle, otherwise, you face multiple charges at each toll.

Neither the E-ZPass nor the SunPass are required, but purchasing one will make the cost of driving on the nearly 900 miles of toll roads in Florida much more affordable. Fees are much higher on the toll roads without a pass. If you opt not to purchase either, your car will be marked at the automatic stations, and bills will be received in the mail.

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Should You Keep Expired Vehicle Documents?

andras-vas-EeCfOPSeRik-unsplash-1When driving on the Florida roadways, three essential pieces of documentation should be kept with you at all times: your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Each of these will likely need to be renewed at some point, with some requiring renewal earlier than others. For example, vehicle registration must be renewed every one or two years.

Speaking of vehicle registration, what happens once you renew? Are you required to keep the old one around even though it may no longer be valid? It’s true that for things like taxes, it never hurts to keep the previous year’s around, but this is not the same for vehicle registration. In other words, you can safely ditch your expired vehicle registration and keep only the current one.

If you do decide to ditch the vehicle registration, there is one thing you should make sure of and that’s making sure you dispose of it properly. Consider using a paper shredder to ensure the information in the document cannot be read by someone else. Vehicle registrations have a lot of information on them that you may not want a stranger to have access to and shredding is one way to potentially deter someone from getting the information.

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New Florida Law Will Help Hearing Impaired Drivers

hearingImpairedA scenario that some Florida drivers may face is being pulled over by a law enforcement officer and then being unable to hear what the officer is saying. This may result in the officer misconstruing the intentions of the driver and thinking that he or she is refusing to follow instructions, or worse, resisting arrest, which may cause the situation to escalate.

In an effort to tackle such a situation and avoid tension, Florida is launching a new law next week where drivers will have the option of identifying themselves as being hearing impaired when they register a vehicle or renew their driver’s license. The law comes two years after a hearing impaired driver lost his life after being shot in North Carolina when he did not hear the sirens of the trooper attempting to pull the driver over.

The hearing impaired law will be the first of its kind in all of the United States. Other states have sought solutions such as ID cars indicating the person is hearing impaired. With this new law, however, a law enforcement officer only needs to look up the tag of the vehicle to immediately know that the driving is hearing impaired before any type of face to face confrontation takes place.

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Practice Safe Driving This Holiday Season

drunkDriverOver 20,000 people are killed each year in the United States, and close to one-third of those fatalities are due to drunk drivers. With the holiday season officially here, it’s important to remind everyone about the extreme importance of not drinking and driving.

Traffic fatalities can be dramatically reduced by having better laws in place aimed at drunk driving and occupant protection. Boosting public education, making sure that traffic safety laws are being followed and thoroughly enforced, and reinforcing the usefulness of restraints can also help tremendously.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently revealed that seatbelt usage is at its highest rate ever, at a whopping ninety percent. Yet even with the increased use of seatbelts, deaths are on the rise as drivers remain distracted. Efforts must continue to encourage better traffic safety laws and stress the importance of using seat belts as well as having a designated driver.

Whether you’re planning on spending a greater amount of time on the roads due to shopping for gifts, visiting friends and family, or attending holiday parties, make sure to always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the road at all times. If you’re planning on drinking, make sure to have a designated driver or consider using a service like Uber or Lyft.

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Moving to Florida: What You Should Know About Your License and Registration

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Will you be moving or did you recently move to Florida? If so, there’s a possibility your driver’s license and vehicle plate belong to a different state. If so, you’ll need to get started with obtaining a Florida license and plate, or you risk receiving a citation.

Per the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the law states that a motor vehicle must be registered within ten days of the owner becoming a resident, registering a child in public school, or obtaining employment. To register your vehicle, you’ll first need to obtain a Florida’s driver’s license which can be as easy as successfully passing an eye exam should your existing driving record be clean. Any citations that remain unresolved may result in having to take a driving or written test. A test may also be required if the Florida DMV examiner has potential concerns about your ability to operate a vehicle safely.

Besides the eye exam, before you can register your vehicle you’ll also need to obtain a Florida auto insurance policy, and the final step will involve obtaining a copy of your vehicle title. If you own the car you should already have this available, but if it’s being financed or leased then you may need to reach out to the lien holder which could take weeks.

In other words, get started on obtaining your Florida driver’s license as soon as you can, and welcome to The Sunshine State!

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The FHP Is Enforcing TACT

meanDriverFlorida law enforcement is cracking down and strongly imploring drivers to stop driving aggressively. The enforcement follows documents showing an alarming surge in crashes involving tractor-trailers across the country as officials seek to stop the record rise in fatal wrecks.

Until October 20th, Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) troopers will be keeping a close eye out for drivers operating their vehicles recklessly as part of their Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) campaign. These troopers are setting their sights on drivers that may be creating road hazards by tailgating, speeding, or attempting to weave through traffic. TACT is held annually and arrives shortly after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its traffic fatality report, showing the highest rise in fatalities in more than three decades.

While TACT may be aimed largely at traffic enforcement, it also involves an educational component, with brochures, billboards, and radio ads aimed at enlightening drivers.

When driving near a tractor-trailer, drivers should try and stay away from areas where they are not visible, such as the back or the sides.

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Commissioners Speak About Uber Driving Services

Currently, in Broward County, driving services such as Uber, are banned, but things may soon change as commissioners recently met to speak about the web-based driving services.

All around South Florida, these types of services have become very popular, with an easy-to-use service that allows for an app letting you know the cost of the ride and the ability of being able to pay though the app. Some of the reasons that Uber riders started using the services was that they saw it as a better option than cabs, which were being criticized for lack of cleanliness and the vehicles’ disrepair.

Back in November, Broward County told Uber drivers to cease picking up passengers because of the lack of regulations by the county. At that point, drivers were told that they may be arrested, fined and their cars impounded if they picked up passengers. Though, even with these types of consequences looming, some Uber drivers were still picking passengers up.

Since the initial notice was sent by the county, they have been citing and fining Uber drivers operating in the county and Uber sent the county a proposed interim contract, but the county has not agreed to it.

At this time, Uber performs background checks and provide insurance for their drivers, but the company does not operate with the same kind of government regulations as cabs do. Presently, the county limits the number of taxis allowed, makes sure that the cab companies adhere to insurance requirements and submit to background inspections and vehicle inspections. Uber drivers are working independently and use their personal vehicles, so Broward County Commissioners are now holding a workshop to speak about how they will regulate the ride service to make it fair for everyone and ensure consumer safety.

We at Hochman & Goldin will keep up with the developments of this matter as new technology such as the Uber system and app continues to impact the transportation system in South Florida. If you need information from a Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer, contact Hochman & Goldin at (305)665-1000 or email At Hochman & Goldin, we can provide you with specialized services from a Miami Expungement Attorney.

A Miami Beach Car Charging Company Raises $6 Million

This new year is set to bring many changes in the City of Miami, as the city evolves and grows into a global city. One current development is that a Miami Beach Beach electric car charging firm has recently raised $6 million from institutional shareholders.

The firm is Car Charging, which operates electric vehicle charging stations across the U.S., received $2 million when the deal closed and will be able to receive the rest of the money as they are able to accomplish specific milestones.

This current development is happening as Car Charging is getting ready for further expansion in 2015. According to CEO Michael D. Farkas in a news release, “as we pursue both top line growth and a path to profitability, we intend to maintain a strict focus on managing cash while investing in technology and business development initiatives to address the increasing need for quick, convenient, and cost-effective EV charging services.”

Car Charging Group has its headquarters in Miami Beach and serves as a pioneer in nationwide public electric vehicle charging services, allowing EV drivers to easily recharge at locations all throughout the U.S. The firm also provides residential EV charging for single family homes.

Miami Beach continues to be ever evolving, as well as a center for innovation like that of the work of Car Charging Group. As more electric vehicle charging services pop up, our transportation systems change and develop as well.

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Businesses Get Ready for the Art Basel Rush!

Local South Florida businesses have been in full force preparation mode for the annual invasion of Art Week, including hotels, eateries, and retail outlets, as Art Basel Miami Beach is becoming an essential business tool for developers and businesses in South Florida.

Art week serves as a useful and smart deadline for local businesses since it brings swarms of visitors, who will be paying top rates for lodging, will be packing restaurants, and may be shopping for more than art.

The businesses that are especially preparing for Art Basel are the ones located in South Beach, around the main Art Basel Miami Beach fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center, though satellite fairs have also spread to Wynwood, Midtown, Downtown, mid-beach and North Beach. In addition to the main art fair activity,  museums, galleries, private collections and public spaces as far from Miami as Palm Beach County are all participating in Art Week as well.

During this week, more than 1,000 galleries and other exhibitors from all around world come to South Florida. In 2013, about 75,000 people attended the main fair and 1,800 journalists that were local and international, were credentialed.

The expansion of Art Week is hinting at the spending power of the world’s largest art event, which has increased dramatically in volume and importance since its debut in 2002. The week of events has definitely given life to a period of low tourist activity, driving hotel rates up and giving business to everything from local party planners to caters and valet parking companies.

As local businesses prepare for all of the extra activity that Art Basel will bring, it is clear that South Florida’s traffic will be experiencing some major changes this week. If you are in need of a Miami Traffic Attorney and/or Miami Expungement Attorney, we welcome you to contact (305)665-100 or email

More Information on the Recent Ruling Regarding Red-Light Cameras

A recent red-light camera ruling involving the city of Hollywood is also set to affect the rest of Florida. The ruling from the Fourth District Court of Appeals is believed to affect any citation that’s still pending or citation issued after the ruling. What is difficult to say now is how the ruling will affect citations that have already been paid or settled, though it seems the city of Hollywood should offer refunds in these situations.

In the ruling, that took place on October 15th, a three-judged panel ruled that the the city of Hollywood violated state law by relying on a private company to issue red light camera citations on its behalf. At this point, the city may or may not ask for a re-hearing or to appeal to the state Supreme Court.

This ruling does apply statewide and appears to invalidate all red-light ticket programs that uses the same process as Hollywood, however other cases like this one in Florida has yet to be reported.

If you have received a citation because of red light cameras within the city of Hollywood that is still pending or was issued after the October 15th ruling, it would be a good idea to look into this ruling.

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