The 4 Most Important Safety Tips for Teens and New Drivers

So there’s a new driver in your life. There are many reasons to be happy about this, such as spending less time driving them around and more time to yourself, as well as watching your child grow more independent. However, there are a few additional pointers that you should impart to your new driver so […]

When Is It Illegal to Use a Phone While Driving in Florida?

                          Florida’s rules regarding cell phone use while driving are currently more lax than those of several other states. Although texting while driving is illegal in Florida, hands-free cell phone use is generally still permitted. However, if you cause an accident while talking […]

How Can I Get My Florida Driver’s License Back after a DUI?

                  In Florida, drinking and driving is a serious offense. In most DUI cases, you will be required to pay penalties, have your vehicle seized, and, in certain situations, face jail time. What occurs as a result of your DUI is determined by the circumstances (such as […]

New Florida Law Permits Authorities to Fine Drivers for Excessively Loud Music

As new legislation takes effect, streets all around the state of Florida are expected to become substantially quieter. This is because, effective July 1, drivers who listen to loud music while driving will be subject to get a ticket. Drivers are now prohibited from turning up their car stereos so loudly that it can be […]

Tips for Driving Safely in the Florida Rain

Summer has arrived, and while it brings lots of sunshine to the “Sunshine State,” it also carries with it the threat of unexpected violent rainstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Driving in heavy rain or high winds increases the risk of a dangerous situation for you, your family, and other drivers on the road. Here are […]

Most Common Ways to Dispute a Red Light Violation

Many areas around Florida now have red light cameras in place to catch lawbreakers. In fact, Florida has some of the highest red-light violations in the country. However, just because you get a red light ticket doesn’t mean you have to pay the fine. If you received a red light ticket, working with an experienced […]

Miami-Dade Traffic Signals Get Smarter

Until 2011 Miami-Dade County’s traffic lights were being controlled from a Northwest Miami-Dade location consisting of technicians monitoring a massive system comprised of a board with green and red light bulbs, the latter indicating a problem.  This board was established in 1975 but has since been phased out in favor of computers and flat screen […]