Red Light Camera Violations

You’ve seen them at numerous intersections. Those “Photo Enforced” signs with a picture of a traffic light.  The flash of a camera that seems to happen randomly every few seconds.

Thousands of Florida drivers have been ticketed for running a red light since the “Mark Wandell Traffic Safety Act” became effective July 1, 2010.  This well-meaning, but poorly written, law allows for cities to use cameras to take still photos and video of cars alleged to have been going through an intersection after the traffic signal has changed to red.

However, many of the citations are issued wrongfully and/ or illegally.

Were you the one actually driving the vehicle?

Were you making a permissible right turn on red?


There may be a defense to your citation.


Florida has a two-tier system for these violations.

If you have a “Notice of Violation’ call us and we may be able to explain your options to you.

If you have already received a Florida Uniform Traffic citation, don’t plead guilty and put a conviction on your record by paying the $277 fine.

Upload Ticket for Attorney Review

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