Most Common Ways to Dispute a Red Light Violation

Most Common Ways to Dispute a Red Light ViolationMany areas around Florida now have red light cameras in place to catch lawbreakers. In fact, Florida has some of the highest red-light violations in the country. However, just because you get a red light ticket doesn’t mean you have to pay the fine. If you received a red light ticket, working with an experienced red light camera violation attorney Miami who can assess your case is critical to challenging your ticket. Three of the most common ways to fight a red light violation in Florida are outlined below:

  1. It wasn’t you in the driver’s seat.

Although red-light camera violations are assessed to the vehicle owner, in Florida, the violation is applied to the driver, not the vehicle owner. That means that if someone else drives your car and runs a red light, that person is accountable for paying the ticket.

  1. Your car did not activate the camera.

If more than one vehicle shows in the photo, you can claim that the camera was activated by another vehicle. Pedestrians, onlookers, other drivers and passengers, may be able to produce evidence that another vehicle ran the red light.

  1. A defective red light camera was to blame.

Occasionally, red light camera systems make mistakes. You have the option of requesting documentation that the camera was recently maintained and was in great working order when it took the photo or video of your car.

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