Tickets We Fight

Hochman & Goldin understands that Florida’s ticketing system can be unfair. This is why we’ve devoted ourselves to helping clients fight back against this system. Since 1994 and with over 20 years, we’ve handled over 200,000 traffic citations. We pride ourselves on providing our client with the highest level of legal representation.

Did you know that by paying a ticket you are automatically pleading guilty? This will automatically result in points on your license. Once you receive points on your license, they can never be removed. Points on your license can lead to increased insurance rates, policy cancellation, and even license suspension.

Call us today. It is important that you understand the type of violation you were issued and the proper course of action you should follow. So if you are looking for dependable and qualified Miami-Dade and Broward traffic attorneys, look no further and call us today.

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    Uploading a ticket does not create an agreement of representation by our firm. You will receive confirmation that we have accepted your case and we will contact you for payment arrangements.