Seal & Expunge Criminal Cases

Sealing and Expunging

  • Don’t let that old criminal charge keep you from getting a job.
  • Don’t be embarrassed that your ‘friends’ have looked up an old criminal history.
  • Don’t risk a landlord turning you away.


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Criminal histories are public records.  Even if your case was dismissed, the information regarding your arrest is still available.

If your case was dismissed or you were granted a withhold of adjudication,  our law firm may be able to help you seal and/or expunge old criminal charges.

With a few exceptions, after your case is sealed or expunged you may lawfully deny or fail to acknowledge the arrest.  The arrest will not show up on a background check!

Are you eligible to have your case expunged? Sealed?  Do you know the difference? We do!

Call one of our Miami Expungement Lawyers and we can help determine your eligibility.

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We can help you determine eligibility and whether sealing or expunging is appropriate in your particular circumstance.

Trying to do it yourself can cause delay or unnecessary costs. If your application is not complete it will be rejected and could lead to longer processing times.

We go to court for you.   Let us save you the time and energy. We even include FREE parking fees for three trips to the courthouse!

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