The Risks of In-Vehicle Technology

automobile-automotive-car-1135379Today’s vehicles feature sophisticated technology, including interactive touch panels that allow drivers to do a host of things, from changing radio stations to setting up a route on their GPS. While the technology is useful, it can potentially cause distractions, albeit perhaps less so now that drivers are legally forced to refrain from texting while driving.

With older drivers, it’s another story.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic recently found in a new study that older drivers are often more distracted than younger ones. Drivers at least age 55 to 75 will take their eyes off of the road several seconds longer than younger drivers when they are performing tasks such as managing the radio or dealing with navigation, as much as eight seconds more. Considering that taking your eyes off of the road for as little as two seconds can increase the chances of being involved in a crash twice as much, it reinforces the need to stay focused.

Some easy tips for safer driving include making use of voice commands whenever possible or becoming comfortable with the infotainment panel before heading off. Regardless of your age, avoid interacting with infotainment panels while the vehicle is in motion unless it is an absolute emergency.

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