The ‘Click It or Ticket’ Campaign Has Commenced

The 'Click It or Ticket' Campaign Has CommencedMake sure to buckle up folks, as law enforcement agencies throughout the nation will be cracking down on seatbelt violators. The well-known “Click it or ticket” is a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration campaign that actively promotes the use of seatbelts among young people.

The nationwide ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign runs May 21 through June 3, 2018, and entails law enforcement agencies actively enforcing all seatbelt violations. In Florida, law enforcement agencies and Florida Highway Patrol strongly promote the ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign and encourage the use of seatbelts.

Before 2009, disregarding your seatbelt was not a violation of law, but it became a primary offense with the Dori Slosberg and Katie Marchetti Safety Belt Law. With the enactment of this law, all passengers under the age of 18 are required to buckle up. Due to the nature of being classified as a primary offense, law enforcement does not need any other reason to pull over offenders.

To ensure your safety and avoidance of a ticket, just click it!

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