Pulled over by an Officer? Don’t Panic


While most of us would likely consider ourselves to be good drivers, there may still come a moment when a law enforcement officer will ask you to pull over. This can obviously be an anxiety causing experience, but you can take steps to ease the nerves by keeping a few things in mind.

Always remember to immediately steer over to the shoulder or right hand curb once it’s safe. Make sure your hands are visible and consider turning on the interior light of your vehicle if it’s dark outside. Any questions that are asked should be answered with politeness and honesty, but always ask for an explanation if you’re having trouble understanding something. Be sure to show your driver license, vehicle registration, and insurance proof when it’s requested. If the officer does issue you a citation remember that accepting it does not necessarily mean you are admitting you were guilty. You may still fight the citation in court.

While traffic violations are a common reason why an officer may pull you over, keep in mind that there are other reasons too. Having a broken taillight, not using your headlights in the dark, or having an outstanding warrant may also lead to a traffic stop.

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