Motorcyclists and Florida Traffic Laws

motocicletaHere’s a common scenario South Florida drivers may run into when out on the roadways. You are stopped at a red light waiting for it to turn green when suddenly you notice a motorcycle creeping up beside you between lanes to cut in front of the line of traffic and avoid the wait. The move can lead to a potentially serious case of road rage, much like when any vehicle suddenly cuts in front of a driver waiting in line at a busy exit.

What motorcyclists may be failing to realize is cutting between stopped vehicles is highly frowned upon. Not only that, Florida laws require motorcycles to adhere to the same laws as that of drivers moving around in a vehicle with four wheels. While laws may differ beyond the state of Florida, splitting lanes or cutting into the front of stopped traffic is against the law. Hence, motorcyclists may risk receiving a ticket and possibly major fines for the traffic violation.

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