Kendall Expressway: A Solution or a Stopgap?

Kendall ExpresswayAsk any resident of Miami-Dade County who lives west of the Turnpike what is their biggest headache and their answer will most likely be their commute. The proposed Kendall Parkway would be a possible solution, or so it would seem. The project would extend from the current western end of SR 836, or the Dolphin Expressway, at 137th Ave and then turn south as well as west to run parallel to Krome Avenue and end at Southwest 136 Street for a total of 15 miles. At a recent town hall event, some critics believed it would only exacerbate the problem. Urban planners research suggests it would encourage more drivers and increase congestion. Those who don’t necessarily live there or need the route would suddenly take advantage of it.

This is not the only challenge the proposal faces; environmentalists argue that its construction would affect the nearby wetlands and farmlands as well as pose a threat to drinking water. There is also the issue of funding and how to allocate such funds for it.

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