Florida Senator Seeks to Increase Penalties for Passing a School Bus

schoolBusWhen a school bus is stopped and has its STOP sign out, Florida drivers are required to stop so students can cross the street safely to get on or off the bus. You’ve probably noticed, however, that some drivers will speed right by the school bus, illegally passing it. Besides being illegal, this also puts the safety of the schoolchildren at risk.

A Florida State senator is now looking to do something about this situation by ramping up the penalties for people that fail to stop for school buses that are picking up or dropping off students. Called SB 290, should the bill pass all of the hurdles and go into effect in July of next year, fines for people who fail to stop for a school bus will be increased from $100 to $200. If the person is once again caught committing the crime within five years, they will have their license suspended for a minimum of 180 days or as long as a year.

Additionally, SB 290 would require a $400 fine versus a $200 penalty should a driver illegally pass a school bus on the side where children are boarding or getting off the school bus while the bus has its stop sign displayed. Should the person commit the crime again within five years, their license will be suspended for a minimum of 360 days and up to two years.

For more information, visit https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2020/290/?Tab=BillHistory.

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