Florida Highway Patrol Ramps up Its Patrol

duiWill you be doing any extensive driving for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Make sure you’re on your best behavior. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) will be out in full force keeping a sharp for any signs of drunken or aggressive drivers.

Florida’s already clogged roads will be especially busy as a greater number of locals and tourists venture off to visit notable places across the state, from South Beach to the Orlando attractions like Walt Disney World. Additionally, last minute holiday shoppers will be out in greater number as Christmas Day arrives next week. In fact, AAA expects over 100 million people will be traveling a minimum of fifty miles or more from home during the holidays.

Across the state of Florida, all FHP personnel will be patrolling the major roads and interstates, including personnel responsible for administrative duties. Additionally, FHP troopers will be assisted by auxiliary troopers in their patrol efforts. As always, one of the top priorities will be watching for impaired driving, the laws of which FHP intends to aggressively enforce.

As mentioned before, use a designated driver, a ridesharing service, or AAA Tow-to-Go if you plan on drinking. If you happen to spot a dangerous driver, report them.

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