Explaining a Common Driving Scenario

road-2631249_1280It comes across as somewhat vague, which might make it trickier to figure out what that means when it comes to a potential violation. There’s a simple way to put it into an understandable context.

If you’ve ever driven in South Florida during an especially rainy day, you already know that it is important to drive a little slower and maintain a greater distance from the vehicle in front of you due to wet conditions. You’ve probably also noticed drivers zooming past you well above the speed limit and wondered why they would do such a thing considering the poor or dangerous conditions.

It’s worth remembering that the laws governing traffic were intended for when conditions are ideal. In other words, speed limits were devised for days when the roads are clear and the skies are blue. Hence, driving seventy miles per hour on a major highway during a massive rainstorm is not the wisest—or safest—thing to do.

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