Ease the Road Stress During Hurricane Preparation

light-933712_1280While preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian during the Labor Day weekend, you’ve probably seen lines of vehicles waiting to get gas. These lines typically cause traffic and frustration as they spill out onto neighboring lanes. What can you do to ease the situation and reduce the stress while you’re busy making plans? Let’s take a look.

You may be accustomed to driving in the right lane. If you know there are gas stations in the neighborhood, make it a point to use the middle lanes as the right ones will likely be busy or stalled with cars waiting to get gas. Also, make the roads a little safer and stress-free for everyone by using your turn signals.

As the storm gets closer, heavy downpours will increase, flooding the roads. While it’s best to avoid driving entirely, take some precautions while you’re driving in the rain. For one, don’t drive too fast through puddles. The pocket of water may be deeper than it looks and it could ruin your vehicle or even cause it to stall, which will only lead to more road congestion. If it is raining hard, don’t turn on your hazard lights as this will only confuse other drivers.

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