Avoid a Criminal Traffic Ticket

stop-sign-1174658_1280What constitutes a potential criminal offense? Most of us are aware of common offenses committed on the roads, such as speeding for instance. Though the following may seem obvious, there may be drivers out there unaware that these traffic violations may also result in a criminal offense.

Let’s take tags and vehicle registration. Here in Florida, drivers are required to renew their registration each year. Drivers that do not renew by their expiration run the risk of receiving a fine. If six months have gone by and the tag remains expired, this fine can potentially become a criminal traffic ticket which may result in jail time.

Did you recently purchase a new vehicle? Congratulations! As easy as it may seem to do so, drivers should not simply transfer their tag or the registration sticker over to the new vehicle as this is considered a crime. The tag or registration sticker must be issued, assigned, or transferred lawfully to the vehicle to avoid any issues.

We all know that driving with a suspended license is illegal but sometimes a driver may have their license suspended for reasons they may not be aware of. For example, if the driver has an outstanding ticket they haven’t paid, if they failed to attend a court date, or if they have not maintained insurance, all of these reasons may result in a suspension of the license. Regardless of the reason, driving with a suspended license for any reason is considered a crime.

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