Your Yearly Weekend in Traffic

traffic-jamDoes it seem like you spend an exorbitant amount of your time stuck in traffic while out on the Miami roadways? Your suspicions are correct. A report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute reveals that the average driver spends just over fifty extra hours in traffic delays each year. These “extra hours” refer to the extra time drivers spend moving at congested speeds versus free-flow speeds.

To give you a rough idea of how long that is, it means you spend the equivalent of two and a half days in traffic or an entire weekend.

Commuters in fifteen of the country’s most-congested cities spent about 83 hours in traffic back in 2017, the most recent year with available data. Here in Miami, drivers spend 69 hours a year in traffic that’s nearly three days. Miami drivers can find some solace in knowing that their traffic woes aren’t as terrible as the San Francisco Oakland area which tops the list with a whopping 103 hours spent in traffic a year.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute says the situation will only continue to get worse and there is no single solution to help with easing the situation. Your best bet to help make the roads a little less congested for everyone may be to switch to public transportation, carpools, and other forms of transportation.

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