You May Receive Money Back from MDX This Holiday Season

MDX Logo (PRNewsFoto/MDX)

Those of you that signed up for the MDX Frequent Driver Reward Program should be receiving a welcome gift in the mail this month. December is when MDX sends out its checks, giving back any savings from the agency operations to its users.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the MDX Frequent Driver Reward Program, it is a free program where the only requirement is that you have a Florida Sunpass account in good standing. In order to receive money back from MDX, you must spend a minimum of $100 a year in tolls on any of the several expressways that are owned by MDX. These expressways are the SR 924/Gratigny Parkway, SR 112/Airport Expressway, SR 878/Snapper Creek Expressway, SR 836/Dolphin Expressway, and SR 874/Don Shula Expressway. Contrary to popular belief, I-95 is not operated by MDX.

If you’re curious about how much money you’ll get back, participants will usually see just over twenty percent of what they paid in tolls during the period beginning on July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. These checks tend to be about $74 or so.

Enrollment for the 2018 MDX program is already open and will remain open until March 31, 2018. As in previous years, there is no cost to attend.

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