Yielding Right-of-Way in Florida

Hochman BlogThe law in Florida states that there is no one automatic situation in which a person may have the right of way. Instead, Florida law only states those who must yield (in other words, give up) the right of way to another. Each driver, motorcyclist, moped driver, cyclist, and pedestrian must pay attention and yield the right of way to avoid a crash in every situation.

At stop signs, the right of way is yielded to other traffic and pedestrians, and drivers should only proceed forward if the road is clear. Four-way stops indicate that the first vehicle to stop is the one that will move forward first. If there happen to be two cars at one intersection at a time, the driver on the left should yield right of way to the one on the right.

At open intersections (ones without traffic control signals), everyone must yield right of way for vehicles already in the intersection, or when you enter a state highway from a secondary road, entering a paved road from an unpaved one, or if drivers make left turns while vehicles are oncoming from the other direction.

If you are at a roundabout, you may not be required to stop since these spaces are designed to have vehicles move continuously through the intersections. Vehicles that approach the roundabout must yield right of way to circulating traffic.

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