Will the Express Lane Poles Lead to Dangerous Conditions?

95expressIf you’ve driven through the I-95 Express Lanes, you may have at some point dealt with the dangerous situation of a driver plowing through the plastic poles to avoid traffic standstills or because they might miss their exit, often cutting off drivers and potentially leading to accidents. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has decided to spend millions of dollars to install additional, more durable poles that will also be placed closer together to try and deter these drivers. This new initiative may unintentionally make driving on the express lanes more dangerous than it already is.

Critics suggest that by placing the orange poles closer together (five feet instead of ten feet), the FDOT is only making it harder for drivers that insist on lane diving. These drivers will have a reduced line of sight and won’t be able to see what they’re doing, potentially leading to a greater number of accidents or even fatalities.

Would reducing the express lanes to just one lane make it safer? It could potentially allow for the installation of a concrete barrier and also allow for a continuous shoulder. Plus, the only feasible accident would be a rear end collision. Better signage that details where the express lanes end can also help.

What suggestions do you have for improving driving conditions on the I-95 Express Lanes?

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