Why Florida Drivers Should Understand the “Move Over” Laws

Florida Drivers "Move Over" Laws

According to a National Safety Commission survey, more than 70% of Americans are unsure of the state laws governing when to “Move Over.” Law enforcement personnel have been hurt on numerous occasions as a result of drivers who don’t follow the rules. While the majority of drivers are aware that they must stop for emergency vehicles to pass, there is still a significant amount of driver ignorance when it comes to changing lanes in order to keep a safe distance.

Florida law requires drivers to switch lanes if utility service vehicles, emergency vehicles, or sanitation vehicles are stopped on the side of the road. Drivers must slow down to 20 mph less than the posted speed limit in order to pass these vehicles if they are unable to change lanes. Older drivers might not be as familiar with the law even though it is mentioned on the current Florida driver’s exams because the laws may not have been included in the tests back then.

Drivers’ failure to observe the Move Over Act resulted in more than 115 collisions with over eighty injuries in 2017. Additionally, nearly 17,000 other drivers received citations for the same offense. A driver who violates the Move Over Act may be fined and receive points on their license.

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