Why Are Miami Drivers So Aggressive?

hochman goldinMiami drivers are famous for being some of the most aggressive drivers in the U.S. People often complain about the behavior of drivers here, like cutting across multiple lanes, not using turn signals, and using brights when the situation doesn’t call for it.

Miami’s traffic is the 5th worst in the nation, which might contribute to the road rages that are on the rise here. The traffic helps trigger impatience and annoyance, which can quickly evolve into full-blown anger. Police are trying to lower road rage incidents by educating people, lowering speed limits, and posting more officers at traffic hotspots.

If an aggressive driver targets you, make sure to stay calm. Make sure not to stick too close to the driver, in case you need to get out of there quickly. Don’t leave your car, because it’s safer to stay in the car than to leave it. Try to avoid eye contact.

Miami’s drivers are notorious for their aggressive driving and road rage incidents. Be careful to keep your temper, and stay away from drivers who don’t.

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