What’s the Deal with Signing a Traffic Ticket?


Though the laws have remained largely the same for years now, there appears to still be some confusion when it comes to having to sign traffic tickets. While most drivers will sign a basic traffic ticket, they are not legally required to do so. In the past, however, drivers refusing to sign tickets could be arrested, but things have since changed.

Today’s basic traffic tickets have a small box near the bottom which a law enforcement officer will check off. This indicates and verifies that the officer did, in fact, deliver the ticket to the individual mentioned on the ticket. It serves as a way to potentially avoid an argument arising.

Some scenarios do require the driver to sign a ticket. Anything beyond a basic traffic ticket such as a criminal citation or a court summons requires a person to provide their John Hancock.

Drivers should always remember that signing a basic traffic ticket or any document does not constitute an admission of guilt.

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