What to do if You Get in an Accident as an Uber Driver

Hochman BlogNo one wants to get into a car accident, but it can be incredibly distressing for those whose work relies solely on their vehicle and the way they drive. While Uber carries its own insurance to protect against civil cases, each Uber driver must have their own car insurance. Still, when drivers get into minor at-fault accidents, they may face some penalties.


Uber drivers are allotted three strikes within three years for minor infractions (speeding tickets and at-fault accidents). However, if you are driving for the rideshare company and believe your speeding ticket may have reason to be disputed, give a Miami traffic attorney a call.


Accidents, however, may count as two of the three strikes allowed. Perhaps as a driver, you were issued a ticket for running a red light and causing a fender bender, but running the red light was incorrectly judged. Contact a red light camera violation attorney for help.


In essence, minor accidents are not so minor regarding employment status. You want to make sure you are always driving safely, avoiding accidents, and speeding as much as possible. However, they are called accidents for a reason, and sometimes the situation may be out of your control.


If that is the case, getting the help of an attorney is your best bet. Do not try fighting the case on your own. Attorneys with several years of experience in fighting cases like yours will help simplify the process. They know the ins and outs of the traffic laws and fight your ticket in Florida courts.


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