What to Do About Distracted Drivers?

textingDrivingLast month we discussed the problem of distracted driving on the South Florida roadways and the number of people killed because of it.  Studies show that the problem hasn’t gotten any better.  In February, analysts filmed over 2,000 motorists traveling on I-95 in the Boca Raton area for twenty minutes and discovered that eight percent of them were driving distractedly.  This means that in just twenty minutes in just one portion of the highway about 150 drivers were distracted by eating, talking on their phone, texting, or doing something that diverted their attention from the road.

Eating and driving are not illegal activities, nor is talking on the phone despite Florida being one of the few states where it’s not deemed illegal.  However, texting is illegal but residents often note that this law suffers from a lack of enforcement.  Per the National Highway Transportation Traffic Safety Administration distracted driving involved three different types: visual, manual, and cognitive.  These are represented as removing one’s attention from the road, removing one’s hand from the steering to do other activities, or doing something that takes one’s mind off the road, respectively.

In 2015 more than 3,500 crashes involved distracted driving in Broward County alone while another 2,194 crashes happened in Palm Beach for the same reason.  These crashes lead to more than 2,800 and 1,600 injuries in both counties, in that order.

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