What Happens When You Receive a Red Light Camera Ticket?

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Driving through a red light in Florida is accompanied by hefty fines, often necessitating the intervention of a red light camera violation attorney. Navigating the maze of flashing lights and intersection cameras can be daunting, especially if you’re on the receiving end of an unwelcome ticket. The key to keeping these accusations at bay is by understanding how red light camera violations work, primarily to prevent the increments of pesky tickets and fines.

Don’t be easily fooled. Not every bright flash at the red light signifies a stern ticket waving at you. Don’t fret just yet if you experience that blinding flash even without bypassing the red light. The act of simply moving your car’s front wheels past the trigger point can typically set off the red light camera. However, don’t be too quick to fret, as the gathered images undergo thorough scrutiny by a police officer, ultimately determining the violation.

Should you be identified on the wrong side of the rule, the camera facilitates a comprehensive report that captures two pictures and a video spanning 12 seconds. In cases of suspected red light camera violations, your ‘Notice of Violation’ will clearly mark the exact date, time, and intersection where the event unfolded, complete with camera proof.  

Contrary to popular belief, your run-in with a red light camera does not translate into automatic points on your driving license. Upon getting hit with a violation, you can expect your bill (otherwise known as a Notice of Violation) in the mail, granting you a 30 day window to arrange for payment. This is the time to call our office to determine if your violation can be challenged in court. 

If you do not respond within this stipulated period, a Florida Uniform Traffic Citation, will be sent; almost doubling the violation fee. The full weight of red light camera violations is felt when this citation is sent out. Although no points are assessed for these citations, they may be entered onto your driving record. However, challenging this citation in court may lead to the dismissal of these charges with no effect on you or your license.

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