What Happens If You Drive Over 100 MPH?

Hochman BlogSpeeding is not usually a criminal offense, but the consequences can be more severe if you are caught driving over 100 mph.


Most speeding tickets will only lend you a fine and points on your driving record, which can be fought with the help of a Miami traffic attorney. However, not every speeding ticket is a non-criminal/traffic offense. Certain tickets can actually be classified as a misdemeanor or felony, leading to jail time, hefty fines, and license suspension.


Driving over 100 mph is not always a felony unless someone is injured in an accident or there are fatalities. However, in Florida, it is a felony. Driving 50 miles over the speed limit is considered a felony already.


In fact, just driving 30 miles over the speed limit in Florida is classified as a criminal offense, and speeds 30 to 49 miles per hour over the speed limit is considered a misdemeanor.


Driving over 50 miles per hour in Florida can end up being a third-degree felony, which involves arrest (all felonies in Florida involve arrest.) Third-degree felonies can end up being five years in prison, license suspension for up to 10 years, and near;y $5,000 in fines.


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