What Happens if You Accidentally Run a Red Light?

Hochman Goldin BlogWhile it does happen, most people do not intentionally run red lights. The large majority of those with red light violations are caught by just barely missing a yellow light’s warning. If your vehicle was snapped going through a red light, you can expect to receive a ticket of roughly $158, and if caught by a police officer, a ticket of even more.

You will get four points added to your license and higher insurance rates. Too many points, and you will wind up with a suspended license.

What if you ran a red light by accident?

Most of the time, there is hard enough evidence to show that you did run a red light. Red-light cameras take a photo of your license plate and show in plain sight where your vehicle was at the time of the incident. However, you can refute it with a red light camera violation attorney if you believe this was done by mistake.

Some red-light tickets are even given out under incorrect circumstances, such as you were not the one driving the vehicle, or you were making a permissible right turn on red. Sometimes machines and technology glitch.

You can defend yourself against these tickets by claiming that you went through a yellow light instead or were avoiding a dangerous situation and had no choice other than to drive through the light.

Receiving a red light ticket is not always your fault. If you have reason to believe your ticket was wrongfully issued, a Miami traffic attorney can help you prove your innocence.

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