We Don’t Just Fight Traffic Tickets – Talk to a Professional Expungement Attorney!

At Hochman & Goldin, P.A. we understand that criminal records which are public records, can lead to very unnecessary complications for you. Unfortunately, even in a situation where your case is dismissed, the information on your arrest is still available.

If you had a case that was recently dismissed or you were granted a withhold of adjunction, our law firm may be able to help you seal and/or expunge old criminal charges.

Normally, after your case is sealed or expunged, you may, by law deny or fail to acknowledge the arrest and the arrest will then not show up on a background check.

Hochman & Goldin, P.A. can provide information on what it means for a case to be expunged or sealed and help you understand the difference.

Sometimes attempting to see your options on your own may cause delay or unnecessary extra costs. In fact, if your application for this process is not complete for any reason, it will be rejected and that can lead to even longer processing times.

At Hochman & Goldin, we can go to court for you and save you time and energy. We also include free parking fees for up to three trips to the courthouse.

So you know who you are dealing with, the Law Offices of Hochman & Goldin, P.A. has been providing legal representation to individuals charged with various traffic violations throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, & the Palm Beaches. We have been practicing law for the past 18 years and handled more than 150,000 traffic citations!

At Hochman & Goldin, we understand that these are very complicated situations and we would like to bring our years of experience to your case.

If you would like to see if you are eligible to have your case expunged or sealed, you can speak to a Miami Expungement Attorney or if you need help from a Miami Traffic Attorney you can contact (305)665-100 or email info@ticketlawfirm.com.

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