Watch out for Faulty Airbags

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Did you know there are over half a million defective airbags in vehicles throughout South Florida? In fact, over 180,000 of them are in vehicles navigating the streets, roads, and highways of Miami-Dade County alone. Per the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), defective airbags have a fifty percent chance of exploding when they’re inflating, which could cause significant injury or even death. This is particularly true if you happen to drive certain 2001-2003 models of Hondas and Acuras. Despite being unsafe to drive, there are still hundreds that have yet to be repaired.

While the recall affects certain vehicles, South Florida residents that are driving older vehicles have a greater risk because of environmental factors such as the humid weather, which could exacerbate the airbag defects. To make matters worse, these faulty airbags could be triggered by even a minor fender bender.

Even if you aren’t driving a Honda or Acura, you should still visit to find out whether you’re at risk. Just enter your VIN and if you see the message saying “Recall Incomplete”, you should contact your local dealer to have the airbags repaired. If you happen to have a friend or family neighbor that drives an older vehicle, make sure to inform them about the recall so they can check to make sure they are not at risk. It could literally save their life.

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