Violation Points and Your License

babyDriverAs is the case in many other states, Florida’s driver licenses work on a point system when it comes to traffic offenses. Unlike your average board or video game where the player with the most points wins, the more points accumulated on a license, the greater the odds of the license being suspended. In other words, your driving privileges are revoked. Though police aren’t actively looking for drivers with a suspended license, being caught may result in severe consequences, including potential jail time.

Points on your license will typically remain there for a maximum of three years before they are removed. Your driving record will show these blemishes, but the points will not affect your license. There is also the risk of accumulating points while driving in other states. Hence, it’s imperative to be a safe and responsible driver.

Generally, the points system works as follows:

  • Twelve points within a one year period may result in your license being suspended for thirty days.
  • Eighteen points within an eighteen-month period may result in a three-month suspension.
  • Twenty-four points in three years will result in a one year license suspension.

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