Vehicle Standards on Florida Roads

Hochman BlogA few boxes need to be checked on your vehicle’s maintenance list before you can safely drive on Florida roads. This involves brake lights, horns, windows, signals, and other equipment and ensuring they are in proper working condition. Otherwise, law enforcement has grounds to pull you over and issue a ticket.


However, if you believe you unfairly received a traffic ticket, contact a Miami traffic attorney for assistance.


Cars are required to have two braking systems, and each must be able to stop the vehicle on their own. The parking and emergency brakes need to be strong enough to hold cars on hills and allow for stops within the appropriate amount of distance. If brake issues were not a factor in an accidental red light, but you still received a ticker, a red light camera violation attorney may be able to help.


All vehicles are required to have the following lights:


  • Bright (high-beam) headlights

  • Dimmed (low-beam) headlights

  • Two red taillights mounted to the rear

  • One white light that allows for license visibility

  • Two red spotlights that are visible in the daylight and turn on when the foot brake is pressed


Other necessary components of proper vehicle operating parts include working horns, windshield wipers, safe windshields (not treated with any material, must not be covered, and must be free of stickers not required by law), blinkers must be in operation, and your car must have one rearview mirror.


Keeping your car in top working condition will help prevent you from maintenance and safety issues, as well as traffic tickets.

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