Use Your Turn Signal, It’s the Law

turnSignalFun fact: the turning signal, or blinker, has been a staple safety feature in vehicles since it was introduced way back in 1939. Yet if you’ve spent any time on the Miami roadways, you’ve probably noticed many drivers don’t use it. With a turning signal, a driver can indicate that he or she intends to change lanes or make a turn, potentially preventing collisions while also reducing the odds of road rage. Another fun fact Florida drivers may not be aware of: it’s also required by law to use it.

“Turn signal neglect” has become a major problem. Drivers who’ve chosen not to use it are responsible for over a million collisions every year across the country per research provided by the Society of Automotive Engineers. What’s even more startling is that these collisions are more than twice those caused by another driving epidemic: distracted driving.

There is a theory that if a driver uses their turn signal, the vehicle(s) around it will feel as if they are about to be cut off or will end up falling behind, which in turn causes them to accelerate. It’s common for road rage to occur due to a driver intentionally speeding up to prevent another driver from coming into their lane when using their turn signal.

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