Understanding How Red Light Cameras Work

Hochman BlogDriving through a red light is illegal in Florida, and will get you an expensive ticket. Knowing how red light camera violations work is important to prevent tickets and fines that will only increase over time.

Every flash at the red light does not always indicate a ticket. Sometimes the camera is triggered if someone makes a hard break, even without them actually passing the light. Essentially, these cameras flash when the front wheels of a car go past the trigger point. Each image captured is reviewed by a police officer who determines if there was a violation or not.

The camera will take two pictures, as well as record 12 seconds of video. If you have a red light camera violation, your notification of violation will include the date, time, and intersection of which it occurred, with camera proof.

Red light camera violations do not add points to your license. Your bill (formally known as a Notice of Violation) will come in the mail and you will have 30 days to pay it. If you fail to pay after the first notice, a second notification will be sent and the bill will be increased to $262. Red light camera violations are not considered tickets until a second notice for payment is sent. After that, points will be added to your license.

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