Turn Signals: You Should Use Them

turnSignalSince the late 1930s, the turning signal—or blinker if you prefer—has remained a staple in vehicles. Take a drive on the South Florida roadways and you’ll notice it’s a feature many drivers seemingly don’t use. The turning signal allows a driver to indicate that they will be changing lanes or making a turn. It can go a long way in preventing a possible collision while also cutting down the chance of road rage. Here’s something Florida drivers may not know: the law requires their use.

The issue of “turn signal neglect” continues to be a major problem. Drivers that fail to use their turn signals are contributing to numerous collisions and they are making the roads more dangerous for everyone. The issue may be as bad as another common driver problem: distracted driving.

Drivers may believe that if they use the turn signal, the surrounding vehicles will feel accelerate to prevent being cut off. It’s almost normal to see cases of road rage develop because a driver intentionally sped up to prevent another driver from coming into their lane when using their turn signal. While these scenarios are bound to happen, most drivers will be willing to let you in if you turn on your signal with enough time, and you’re doing everyone else on the road a favor by doing so.

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