Traffic Violations and Your Car Insurance

Having car insurance is a requirement in the state of Florida, if not all states in the country.  The rates you get vary by company, but they will all depend heavily on your driving record, both past and present, it therefore so it pays to be a safe and responsible driver.  If you have moving violations or tickets for speeding on your record, an insurance company assumes you’re a greater risk and will therefore raise your rates in order to cover its potential losses.  Certain violations will affect your premium more than others, as we will explain.

Driving under the influence, or a DUI is one of the most serious offenses and accounts for more than 90 percent of premium hikes.  There is absolutely no reason to drive while impaired and you should be aware that if you receive repeat DUI convictions you risk becoming entirely uninsurable and will therefore no longer be able to legally operate a vehicle.

There is a difference between reckless and careless driving.  Driving recklessly means a driver breaks traffic rules intentionally and causes damage to people or property.  Careless driving, on the other hand, refers to risky driving on the road, albeit unintentionally. Reckless and careless driving offenses can raise your premium by roughly 82 and 27 percent, respectively.

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