Traffic at Newly Opened Port Miami Tunnel Increases

As a leading Miami Traffic Attorney firm, we like to keep citizens informed of exciting transit news in Miami.  As you may know, the PortMiami tunnel opened earlier this year after several months of delay. Built at a cost of $1 billion, the tunnel was created to provide a direct route for large cargo trucks to the port from the highways rather than navigating through downtown. Although expected to open in May, several issues plaguing the tunnel prevented it from opening on time and the opening was moved to early August.

According to the Miami Today newspaper, the tunnel has largely been a success. In its first day, the tunnel saw 4,000 cars travel to and from PortMiami through the tunnel, an incredible number especially considering it opened to little fanfare. In the study that was conducted by an outside firm, traffic grew steadily over the month of August. It appears that Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays are the busiest days of the week for the tunnel, likely due to cruise ships passengers departing or arriving for trips.

On the busiest days of the week, the tunnel averages over 7,000 vehicles traveling through. So far, the highest amount of vehicles that the tunnel has received on a single day was on August 22nd, when over 10,000 vehicles traveled through the tunnel.

So far, officials at the Downtown Development Authority has succeeded at reducing congestion downtown. Since the tunnel has opened, officials have noted a significant decrease in truck traffic on downtown roads particularly around 5th street by Miami Dade College, which is close to PortMiami’s downtown entrance. As more drivers become more informed that the tunnel is open for business, there will likely be even greater traffic improvements.

With reduced traffic downtown, there will be more opportunities for speeding infractions or high-speed traffic accidents. Should you receive a citation or traffic infraction, you should contact Hochman & Goldin, P.A., among the best Miami Traffic Lawyers available. They will be able to help you fight your ticket and help you avoid points, fines or license suspension or revocation. To reach the firm for a consultation, contact (305) 665-1000.

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