Tips to Survive Holiday Travels

The holiday season is upon us again! Whether, you are visiting loved ones and familiar places or exploring new territory, holiday travel is always quite hectic, so we have compiled a few tips to help you enjoy your travels efficiently!

Doing your research and preparing for your trip can mean all the difference. A great idea is to plan alternative trips, especially if traffic is known to cause you a lot of anxiety on your way back from your trip. In this case, you may plan a more scenic drive that may be a bit longer, but may have less traffic, which won’t get you as anxious. You can also find interesting stops for your family, which offer way more excitement than the typical truck stops. If you’re flying, it’s always a good idea to check your airline’s restrictions on carry-on luggage and fees for checked bags, to prevent having to make last minute decisions, which are never ideal.

You can also make your holiday travel a lot easier with the help from a few great travel apps. In order to find the cheapest gas and cleanest bathrooms on the road, you can download apps, GasBuddy and SitOrSquat, there is truly an app for everything!

Another very important component to being prepared for a holiday trip, is to make sure you are not hungry on the road, because like we all know, when you are hungry, it’s hard to focus on what you’re doing and it may cause you to make unnecessary errors that will take more time and energy to resolve. On a road trip especially, it’s best to pack snacks and drinks.

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