Tips for Traffic Accidents


As traffic accidents continue to affect the roadways of Florida, it is essential that drivers not only practice safe driving habits free of distractions. If you do find yourself in an accident, the following tips may help you out.

Contact the police. The moments immediately after being in an accident can be jarring, confusing and stressful. If you are not physically injured and may do so, slow down and check to see if everyone in your vehicle, as well as anyone in the other driver’s vehicle, is okay. Once you’ve done that, contact the police. This is imperative as the accident report will protect you by showing who was at fault for causing the collision.

Consider a dashcam. Though they aren’t used quite as much here in the United States as they are in other countries, a dashcam can serve as another piece of proof if another driver who was at fault accuses you of being responsible for the accident. In a severe accident where you may become unconscious due to the impact, the dashcam may also assist in recalling important details.

Keep an emergency tool handy. In South Florida, there is water everywhere and it is not uncommon for a driver to plow his or her vehicle into a canal. When a car is submerged, the pressure of the water can make it practically impossible to open the doors. For less than $20 you can purchase something like the Lifehammer and keep it in your vehicle. It is strong enough to break windows and it can also cut the seatbelt, potentially saving your life.

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