Tips for Driving in Heavy Smoke

On your way to work this morning, you may have noticed a lot of smoke in the air caused by a brush fire. For some, it was difficult to navigate safely and nearly resulted in an accident. Here are some helpful tips on how to drive in heavy smoke:

• If possible, avoid driving through dust storms or smoke.
• If you are driving through dust or smoke, turn on your headlights.
• Safely pull off to the side of the road as soon as safely possible.
• Never stop in a travel lane, look for a safe area completely off the road
• Stop in a location that is as removed from traffic as possible
• Turn off all lights including emergency flashers while parked
• Set your emergency brake and keep your feet off the pedals
• Stay in your car or truck with your seat belt buckled
• Wait out the storm
• Drivers in large vehicles like semis or RVs should be aware of changing weather conditions and reduce speed.
• Driver awareness and driving safely are the best ways to prevent crashes.

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