The World’s Worst Places to Drive

Having explored, earlier this week, the top worst places to drive in the U.S., we decided to broaden the scope a little and have a look at some of the worst places to drive in the world. You might want to think twice before getting behind the wheel in these next top cities:

Beijing, China
Although driving rules and laws do in fact exist in Beijing, the foreigner often finds this hard to believe as the flow of traffic seems random, confusing and above all, dangerous. The reigning problem here, however, seems to be the amount of traffic congestion. Beijing has over five million registered cars blocking up the roadways all over the city. Thankfully, Beijing has been making efforts to clear some of the traffic congestion by setting up alternating travel days for car owners.

Seoul, South Korea
As with many of these other locations, drivers in Seoul are in a hurry and prefer to drive with forceful intention. It is not uncommon to see motorcyclists driving on the sidewalks, illegal as it may be. It seems many of the road laws that pertain to lane markings and changes are seen as suggestions rather than specific guidelines, so constant attention is a must when driving on the city streets.

Paris, France
It is usually advised to avoid driving in this city if you can help it. Parking is often a big reason for the headaches, as there is little space and lots of competition. What’s more, the French use many traffic roundabouts, but they hardly ever seem to include lane markings and therefore drivers navigate them in sudden and sporadic movements. Luckily for its visitors, this city has a top-notch public transportation system.

Mumbai, India
In India, the road is shared by many, and this sometimes includes animals. Cows, a sacred animal in Hinduism, always get the right of way, so be wary of running into one while on the road. What’s more, many of the roadways in India are of questionable quality with several lanes of poorly paved and tarnished road. Last of all, people love to lay on their horns in India, which makes it a very noisy travel experience.

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