The Truth Behind Red Light Camera Tickets

Truth Behind Red Light Camera Tickets

The issue of traffic violations and enforcement of driving laws is no stranger to any driver. The debate surrounding red light camera tickets has sparked much controversy. Receiving a notice in the mail is often misunderstood as a dismissable notification. However, in reality, it could lead you to need the help of a red light camera violation attorney to dispute the citation.

Running a red light does not always stem from a disregard for personal safety or consideration for others on the road. More often than not, it’s a split-second decision drivers take to secure their safety at swiftly changing traffic signals. The rapid transition from green to yellow to red sometimes takes the driver by surprise, and they choose to continue their passage rather than apply abrupt brakes. 

One question is frequently asked: Are red light camera tickets legitimately enforceable? This question is asked by many drivers who dread receiving a notice of violation by such an automated traffic enforcement measure.

The simple answer is – yes. Particularly in Florida, these red light camera tickets are enforceable. The moment you find that dreaded piece of paper in your mailbox, you have a 60-day countdown to either pay the fine or hire a red light camera violation attorney to contest the violation. Unlike traffic violations issued by officers, this one, surprisingly, does not add points to your license.

When deciding to challenge your ticket, your attorney will plead not guilty and request a court appearance. After a hearing, your case may be dismissed. Or you may find yourself with an “adjudication withheld”. This means that no conviction will be placed on the driving record, even if the judge feels you committed a violation. However, you will be required to pay a fine as the penalty for the violation Traffic school is generally not required as a penalty for these types of violations. The amount of the fine imposed relies on various factors, including the extent of the violation, prior record, and more. That’s where the need for a Miami traffic attorney arises.

In stressful scenarios like these, it may help to have an experienced red light camera ticket attorney by your side. Their professional expertise can navigate your options, analyze your unique case, and figure out the best possible course of action.

Remember, road safety calls for a fine blend of respect for rules and a precise understanding of them. In the challenging maze of road safety violations, let your red light camera violation attorney serve as your well-equipped guide. Take note, drive mindfully, and be informed about your rights too. This could be the key not only to sort out your red light ticket issue but lead to a safer, more responsible journey on the road.

At Hochman & Goldin, P.A., our experienced Miami traffic attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in defending clients who have been issued traffic tickets, especially red light camera violation tickets. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn how Hochman & Goldin, P.A. can help you fight your traffic ticket.

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