The Ten Worst U.S. Cities for Driving

The latest data on terrible traffic is in! With data collected from drivers in one million downloads, the new app iOnRoad has come up with a list of the worst cities to drive in. Here they are:

1. Brooklyn
As the New York Times wrote last year, “Most days, and most hours, the dire choices faced by many drivers on the B.Q.E. are these: Bad, worse and no exit.”

2. Queens
Brooklyn and Queens are in a class of their own, according to iOnRoad, with the lowest safety rating for lane departures and collision alerts.

3. Pittsburgh
Data shows that Pittsburgh has one of the highest non-green driving scores with high CO2 emissions. That hasn’t stopped motorists from declaring war on cyclists. Despite several fatal accidents, one bike advocate quoted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says many drivers view bikers as “the equivalent of a moving pothole.”

4. Manhattan
New York is known for high front-collision alerts. In “10 tips for Driving in Manhattan” posted on the blog at city guide MyCityWay, number four is “Taxi Drivers Don’t Care.”

5. Philadelphia
The City of Brotherly Love is the least congested of the nation’s top 10 metropolitan areas, according to iOnRoad. Why is it on the list, then? The nearby Schuylkill Expressway is so notorious for traffic and accidents that its local nickname is the “Sure Kill Crawl-way.”

6. Irvine
The Orange County metroplex has a low average driving speed which means lots of traffic. However, countless speeding ticket lawyers have plenty of work to do on account of the 66 speed traps in Irvine identified by the National Speed Trap Exchange.

7. Houston
According to researchers at Texas A&M, the average Houstonian burned 23 gallons of gas sitting in traffic last year.

8. Los Angeles
Drivers in L.A. are so used to being stuck in traffic, you can identify a tourist or transplant if they’re honking simply because traffic isn’t moving, because locals won’t be doing it.

9. Boston
Boston has a high percentage of tailgating according to iOnRoad.

10. Washington
The rain and snow in Washington affect drivers by lowering their I.Q., according to a helpful tourist’s website,

Considering what locals have to go through every day on the road, you might be surprised that Miami is not on the list, but there you have it. To speak to a Miami Traffic Attorney, contact Hochman & Goldin PA by calling 305-665-1000.


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