The Rules of the Left Lane

leftThe rate of speed at which a vehicle should be traveling when in the left lane remains a touchy and divisive topic, especially here in Florida. Regardless of how someone may feel about it, Florida law requires that the left lane is treated as a passing lane.

Even if a driver traveling on the left lane is going the speed limit, Florida law requires that the driver move over if he or she is approached from behind by another driver traveling at a faster speed. This same rule applies to any road that has at least a pair of lanes or more heading in the same direction, regardless of whether it happens to be a street or an interstate. There are exceptions which apply if a driver is attempting to make a left hand turn or if they are passing another vehicle.

Vehicles that fail to move from the left lane when they are approached by a faster driver may cause unsafe driving conditions and they may also be unintentionally contributing to road rage. Moving over when it’s safe to do makes the roadways better for everyone.

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