The Port of Miami Tunnel Now Open!

The Port of Miami Tunnel is now open after months of delay for the billion dollar project! Located in Downtown Miami via Interstate I-395, the Miami Tunnel connects the mainland with the Port of Miami’s cruise and cargo terminals. Miami first tunnel opened yesterday August 3rd 10:30 am with little fan fair, but marking a milestone that should be celebrated. This is just one of the ways the city is making steps to improve.

Originally, the tunnel was to open to traffic starting in May– an opening date which got pushed back to mid-July before the opening this weekend. Redacted signs have been up since March, and the construction of the tunnel itself was competed in May. The tunnel was initially announced to open on Monday instead of Sunday, August 3rd, but Chris Hodgkins says the opening was moved up after the fire marshal deemed the tunnel safe for traffic. Hodgkins says that he is proud of the tunnel, which he calls one of the country’s safest tunnels. “This massive, $1 billion dollar project has been really without a flaw,” he explains. “Anytime that we’ve encountered anything less than perfect we immediately jumped on it.”

While technically the tunnel is open to all drivers, its main purpose is to allow cargo truck drivers another route under the bay, thus relieving downtown congestion. The first vehicles through the $1 billion tunnel included Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski and Miami-Dade Commissioner José Pepe Díaz. Afterwards, it was open to regular traffic. There is no charge to take the tunnel. The speed limit within it is 35 miles per hour. Cruisers are supposed to use the left lane, and trucks are supposed to use the right lane.

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