The Port Miami Tunnel Opens!

For those who commute in Miami, you may be glad to hear that the Port of Miami tunnel has opened after nearly four years of construction at a cost of $1 billion. At just under a mile long, the 4,200 foot tunnel is expected to have a significant impact on your commute.

The tunnel was created to a direct access route from the highways to the Port of Miami. Prior to the opening of the tunnel, drivers who wished to access the seaport had to travel through the streets of downtown to get to it. Because the majority of vehicles driving to the port were large cargo trucks or 18-wheelers, there was significant congestion caused from these bulky, slow-moving trucks.

Now with the tunnel completed, these trucks can access the Port of Miami through the I-395 highway which offers vehicles access to downtown and the MacArthur causeway from the I-95 and the 836 Dolphin Expressway. While congestion in downtown Miami will always be an issue, many will see less traffic on their commute while traveling through the area.

Commuters downtown will not be the only beneficiary. As the tunnel provides direct access to the port, it will also ease the commute for the thousands of workers who travel to the port for work. Among those workers include cargo handler, cruise ship employees and others who are responsible day-to-day operations at the port. The tunnel also makes it easier for tourists who are traveling on the cruise ships to access the port, allowing tourists to enjoy more of their time vacationing rather than commuting to and from the port.

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