The Legality of Transporting Pets on the Back of a Pickup

petTruckHave you ever been on the road and noticed a pickup truck carrying dogs in the back? Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s legal to transport your pets in the back of a pickup without running afoul of the law. While there are laws in place regarding the transport of children in the back of a truck, pets are a completely different story.

Sure enough, Florida traffic law doesn’t explicitly mention anything regarding pets and pickup trucks. However, there are laws in place regarding the ability to control your pet so that it doesn’t become a public safety threat. As to what you should do to keep a dog safe when traveling, that responsibility is up to you. While municipalities may have ordinances in place regarding pet transport, they may vary depending on where you go.

With regards to pets and pickups, it may be best to use your own judgment and err on the side of caution. As man’s best friend and members of the family, you don’t want to put your pets into any kind of situation where their safety is at risk.

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