The Importance of Sealing and Expunging Your Record

criminalRecordWhen an employer is debating between two equally skilled people for a position, the decision to choose one over the other may come down to factors such as criminal history. With so many people currently out of work and seeking new opportunities, there may be greater competition which reinforces the importance of sealing or expunging your record.

Let’s use a hypothetical scenario. A law firm is seeking someone to work as a paralegal. The firm receives a pair of applications, both from distinct candidates and both of them with sterling work experience and skills. One of the applicants was arrested for speeding or driving with a controlled substance. While the firm may be able to overlook this arrest, another employer may find a drug charge too risky.

The last you want is for your past to rear its head and derail your efforts at obtaining employment. Contact us today if you wish to learn more about your having your record potentially sealed and/or expunged.

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