The High Price of Ignoring Red Light Camera Violations

Ignoring red light camera tickets can have significant and potentially costly consequences. Red-light cameras are devices that capture high-resolution images of drivers who are running red lights. Local governments tend to use them as a way to deter irresponsible driving behavior and as a way to reliably collect fees from costly red light running violations. If you receive a red light camera ticket, the best and safest option for you to do is to pay it so as not to incur penalties.

Unfortunately, it is commonplace for individuals to ignore their red light camera tickets. It is easy to ignore a piece of mail, and people can be tempted to not pay or even consider the consequences of doing so. However, you should know that the consequences of ignoring a ticket can keep on increasing for several months or even years. Depending on the state you are in, the specific ordinance or law enforcement can levy fines and other penalties to those who ignore red light camera tickets.

Those who choose to ignore their red light camera tickets are risking late fees, multiple fines for lengthy intervals, addition penalties and possibly license suspension. Ignoring a red light camera ticket, that has been sent to you, is a suggestion that you are not taking traffic laws seriously. This is why those who are caught doing it can risk having their driver’s license suspended. If you choose to ignore a red light ticket for an extended length of time, you may also be considered an habitual traffic offender which can result in even more serious penalties, like greater fines, a longer license suspension and even jail time.

Fines and penalties for red light camera violations vary from state to state. Major cities may even have individual regulations with much higher fees. Parking and traffic violations can also add up quickly and be reported to the credit bureau. All of these consequences can significantly impact your credit score.

It is best that if you receive a red light camera ticket that you pay it immediately to avoid any further costly and devasting consequences. If you have already received several late notices, you should contact an experienced traffic violation lawyer immediately. In the state of California for example, red light camera violation attorney experts can help you establish a payment plan if necessary. Traffic lawyers with experience in red light camera violations can negotiate with the court as well as the authorities to reduce the fines or eliminate them altogether.

There is no reason to ignore a red light camera ticket. Not only does it risk you paying additional fees and fines and potential suspension of your driver’s license, it also displays to the court and law enforcement that you are not taking traffic laws seriously. If you need assistance for a red light camera ticket violation, hire an experienced attorney familiar with red light camera violations, who can help guide you through the process.

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