The Danger of Lane Splitting

motorcycle-4187586_1920Driving on the Florida roads, you may have noticed motorcyclists doing what’s called lane splitting on at least one occasion. This is when the motorcyclist may use the lines between cars to move past slow or standstill traffic. The action is common and although it’s easy to see why they would do it, the action is also illegal.

Motorcycles share the Florida roads with much larger vehicles but their thinness means they can easily navigate into a driver’s blind spot if the motorcyclist is not careful. This means the driver may attempt to switch over a lane and not notice the smaller vehicle, potentially leading to significant injuries, especially if the vehicles are traveling at high speeds on a highway, for example.

In Florida, since lane splitting is against the law, a motorcyclist will likely receive a ticket first. In addition, what they were doing before the crash may also play a heavy role. To further complicate matters, their insurance provider can try to reject their claim by using this traffic infringement against them.

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