The Cost of a DUI Conviction

ycnaduyYou’re probably aware that if you are arrested or convicted of a DUI, you may have to deal with several costs associated with fines, court costs, potential attorney fees, and perhaps even the costs associated with jail time. While these are common, there is a tendency to forget about that other major cost: your car insurance.

Should you be convicted of a DUI, you can expect your car insurance rates to potentially skyrocket, assuming your insurer doesn’t outright cancel your policy. These costs may end up being more expensive than your lawyer or attorney fees.

Being convicted of a DUI means the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will deem you a “high risk” driver and you will be required to provide something called an “FR-44” a certification from your car insurance provider. With this certification, a driver convicted of a DUI would pay significantly more for their policy due to the higher coverage, and they will be required to maintain this coverage for a minimum of three years. If you already pay high insurance rates, it’s one more reason to be responsible and drive sober.

If you’re facing a possible DUI conviction, give us a call to discuss your case and the options available to you.

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